January 24th, 2007

marcus 2013

London snow shock horror!!!!

Woke up this morning to the radio telling me there was snow all over London and the SE of England. Looked out of the back window and saw actual snow on rooftops, trees, etc., first this winter. Looked out of the front window and saw it was already starting to melt on the actual road. By the time I got out I decided it was safe to ride my motorbike to work, and did so without problems.

Not exactly one of the world's great blizards...
Angel of the Revolution

Immortality at last! For very limited values of "immortality..."

A long time back I mentioned that the British Library had contacted me concerning archiving my web site - a few times since then I've looked to see if it's happened, and it finally has.

The links are as follows:

The achive as a whole is http://www.webarchive.org.uk/

I'm in arts and literature, which is http://www.webarchive.org.uk/subject/16.html
(autopope is in there first with Accelerando, of course, I'm on page 3.)

Direct link to the archive of my page is http://www.webarchive.org.uk/tep/14286.html

My page as it is now is http://www.forgottenfutures.co.uk

There really isn't much difference between them, except that the livejournal feed is stuck in a timewarp when the site was archived, most recently on December 1st 2006.