February 5th, 2007

marcus 2013

Dumb luck...

...Is browsing eBay for a subwoofer for my home cinema setup, spotting one with no bids a couple of minutes before the auction ends, bidding on it, and winning it for 99p plus postage - then noticing afterwards that the vendor has zero feedback, and panicking for a couple of days before the thing arrives in full working order.

What I was wondering is if anyone has any technical information on this Ministry of Sound MOSMC005 subwoofer, since there's now nothing on the Ministry of Sound web site that looks similar. It was apparently sold as part of a bundle that included a CD player and speakers, and while I can find a little information about the player, there's nothing specific on the subwoofer. It works OK, but I'd like to see the data on power consumption and find out if it's in some sort of standby mode when the amp is switched off, since its power switch is on the back and a little awkward to get at.

I've sent email to the manufacturer but so far got no reply, and it occurred to me that someone reading this might have the same kit and be able to check for me.
marcus 2013


Anyone know of a web site for the old comic character Zirk, from the British comic Warrior? Won the Eagle award at least once?

I wanted to refresh my memory on a couple of things, couldn't find anything in Wikipedia or via google apart from being mentioned in the context of the award. You'd think there'd be a fan site or something.