March 13th, 2007

Angel of the Revolution

So far so good...

Nikon D50 arrived yesterday... without the damn lens. So I phoned and raised hell, they apologised, and the lens appeared today. And having played for a bit I'm pretty pleased with it all. Only problem I've noticed so far is typical of long lenses - at anything like full extension the lens is very difficult to hold still, and the natural gripping point turns out to be exactly where the focus ring sits, and needs to turn on its own if the camera is running on autofocus. But since full extension is equivalent to a 500mm lens or longer that isn't very surprising. Just have to remember to use a tripod, and probably not autofocus on long shots. Minimum focal length (28mm) feels like a 55mm or 70mm lens on my old camera, so I may have to think about getting something a little wider eventually.

I got a couple of 2gb Kingston SD cards for £20 from SVP over the weekend - as a point of comparison, I paid more than that for a 32mb card for my Fuji a couple of years ago - and after taking eight or ten pictures it's saying I still have room for 526. I could learn to like that ;-)

I don't want to install the software at work but I'll upload a few pictures tonight.

Next I need to look at a microscope converter and angle finder. Fun fun fun...
marcus 2013

A few photos

Trying out the new camera - not incredibly interesting unless you like cement mixers, Egors, or the Telecom Tower

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I'm feeling reasonably happy so far, haven't played with macro etc. properly yet, but I think it will be OK.
marcus 2013

Another Nikon question

I've tried putting the card in my photo printer (Epson Picturemate) and it doesn't know there are photos. Tried printing from the camera using the cable and pictbridge and it hums and haws for ages then prints the first picture with some of the blacks replaced by greens. Anyone got any idea why this might happen?

Is the Nikon using a picture format that's incompatible with this printer? Not a huge problem, just a nuisance. Things print fine on the colour laser but that's not so good for definition etc.

And the answer is... The printer (the first model of picturemate) doesn't directly support cards over 512mb, and turned out to have a blocked nozzle which is why I couldn't get direct printing to work properly. I don't want to drive the printer from the camera anyway - it's a big drain on the batteries - but it's nice to know I can do it if I have to. It turns out that the card reader for my backup PC works OK with these cards, so it looks like the answer is to use the PC and print the pictures that way - a pain, because it's one of those god-awful inkjet printer drivers that insists on displaying its progress and won't minimise properly, but at least it'll do the job. Fortunately I shouldn't need huge numbers of prints anyway.