March 20th, 2007

Mad scientist


The photomicro gizmo arrived today - cost about a tenner including postage from the USA (the current exchange rate has advantages) and works pretty well. I'm having a little trouble focusing on things that need more magnification so I've only got one picture I'm moderately happy with so far - I think some sort of viewfinder magnifier may be needed.

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marcus 2013

Cheap BSG S2

CD-WOW are selling the complete Battlestar Galactica Season 2, regions 2 and 4, for £15.99 post-free. Or about a fiver less than the cheapest on eBay, and a tenner less than

Rather pleased about that.

More proof, if it were needed, that certain file transfer processes frowned upon by certain greedy gits are an excellent way to decide if you like a series and do not necessarily harm DVD sales if said greedy gits would only price stuff sensibly.

later gonzo21 points out that HMV are selling House MD S2 for £9.99, and a 6-disc Eddie Izzard set for a tenner. Not a fan, but may interest others.

Update Arrived Saturday 24th - not bad considering CD-WOW are based in Hong Kong!
marcus 2013

Giveaway sites

Just in case anyone on my friends list doesn't read User Friendly and its site recommendations: gives away a utility every day
Lj feed is givawayoftheday gives away a free game every day
Lj feed is ggotd

The programs are normally sold as commercial products, typically older stuff but an occasional gem. Basically the idea is that if you like one of them you will be so enthralled that you'll buy other programs from whichever company made them.

The snag is that you have to download and install them the day they are offered or they won't work.

For example, the game today is an update of an arcade game called Quix, Xonix, etc. which I used to love - it's still a lot of fun, there's about seven or eight hours left to download and install it.