March 22nd, 2007

marcus 2013

Charity donations update

Got a royalties cheque from e23 yesterday, and having done a few sums it looks like Flatland earned about £52 after deducting e23's cut. I've rounded this up to £55 and paid it to Doctors Without Borders; with Gift Aid added it'll be £71 and change that goes to the charity.

I'm nearing another £100 in the kitty for Cancer Research UK - hopefully before the end of the month, if all goes well. Again, Gift Aid will be added to the final total.

I'll post again once this is sorted. Thanks to everyone whose supported my games, it's greatly appreciated.
marcus 2013

Psst... want a cheap game, effendi?

I picked up a few PC games in a charity shop at lunch time. One's promised to rozk, the others are:

Civilization 4 DVD-ROM - £4.00
Stronghold Crusader (empire building / wargame) - £ 2.00

Anno 1503: The New World - (colonization / empire building) - £2.50
Tortuga: Pirates of the New World - (resource management / wargame) - £2.00

All of them are boxed, in DVD style cases, and have all documentation (including a hefty book for Civ 4).

Basically, if anyone's interested they can have them for what I paid for them - plus postage if I have to send them out. I'll give priority to people who can collect them from me at Eastercon or the May Tun, or possibly Salute if I make it. For reasons of not wanting to go to the post office if I can avoid it I'll also give priority to people in the UK.