April 20th, 2007

Angel of the Revolution

Violence - the RPG

heliograph has just reminded me, in another forum, that the RPG "Violence" by Greg Costikyan is available as a free download from the author's site. I can't remember if I've posted this link before, but it bears repetition.


It's perhaps the best commentary on the nature of RPGs ever, a savagely funny indictment of many of the things we take for granted in games, and I thoroughly recommend it.
marcus 2013

Mistaken identity rides again

Just got an email congratulating me for my work on "Hot Fuzz" - yet another triumph for Marcus Rowland, production director of Shaun of the Dead, Spaced, etc., who is alas not me.

Not the first time this has happened - I got an odd call once inviting me to do lunch, and didn't realise until months later (when I'd lost the address) what it was about - hope the other guy didn't lose work as a result.