May 31st, 2007

marcus 2013


I get the impression that the big deletion thing is already being defused, to some extent, but in case I'm wrong you'll find me as user ffutures on greatestjournal. I haven't posted there since the last long outage thingy, and only have a couple of people friended. If people on my flist with gj accounts would like to comment here I'll try to add them.
marcus 2013

Taking the...?

Gmail's advertising sidebar just excelled itself... for some values of excel. I got a PayPal receipt for some urine test strips I bought for work (we use them as a simple test for proteins and glucose, easier than Biuret's or Benedict's reagent) and the sidebar ads were for the following products:

Top 5 Teeth Whitening
Ketone Test Strips (actually relevant!)
Shelf Data Strips - UK
Fluorescent Tubes
Teeth Whitening
Pay Less Interest (not sure what that one's about or relevance to urine test strips)
Secret Hotels Marylebone (I work in marylebone)
Crest Whitestrips

So one in eight is relevant, one might just possibly be if I wanted a hotel near work, and the rest totally wasted.

They're usually rather more on target than this - e.g. if I get a mailing from an RPG list most of the links will be people like Wizards of the Cost etc. - but this goes to show how contextless common words can mess up a search.
marcus 2013

Moving icons wholesale? And Hella connector adaptor?

All of my greatestjournal icons seem to have vanished somewhere, and in any case I have a lot more here now. Is there any simple way to download them all from LJ and upload them to GJ?

Anyone (preferably in the UK) got a Hella plug to Cigarette Lighter socket I can borrow for a few days? I've got a Hella socket on my bike, which I've never used, want to try a cheapo GPS that has the Cigarette Ligher plug - if it doesn't work I probably won't have any use for it at all, and they cost about ten quid so I'd prefer not to buy one on spec.

Later Never mind on the Hella adapter - I can get a basic lighter socket for £1.50 and wire that in, it would also let me put it into a more useful location since the Hella one is positioned to power equipment in the pannier box and the GPS will be over the speedo etc.