June 16th, 2007

Angel of the Revolution

Queen's Birthday Flypast

The weather was crap and only the WW2 vintage planes came towards my house at an angle that gave me more than a second to take the picture. I missed all the jets completely, since they were below the treeline and I only saw glimpses, but I think that these make up for it. I haven't done anything to sharpen them up etc., but given the conditions (raining and me balanced on a chair at an attic window) I don't think they're too bad.

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No aeronefs though...

Tomorrow the Falklands anniversary flypast and hopefully better weather. No restored Vulcan bomber, unfortunately, it hasn't passed its airworthiness tests as I understand it.

Later My guess as to the routes taken by today's planes - not very sure of the jets, may have been a bit further North:

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This was presumably done to get the slow stuff out of the way of the jets ASAP. If they do this for the Falklands flypast too I might get some helicopters overhead, maybe a Hercules or something. I think that the planes may have been banking for a more westerly heading as they passed over my house.