June 22nd, 2007

marcus 2013

Move your entire livejournal

liz_marcs has expanded on brown_betty's notes on backing up Livejournal accounts and moving them to Greatestjournal etc.


You can transfer everything including comments (with the exception of some embedded content and polls) to your own hard disk - this is fast and easy, and all of the original posts (but not comments, embedded stuff, or polls) to another blogging site - which works but goes slowly and is a bit of a pain.

So if I'm all over your friends list on Greatestjournal today that's why...
marcus 2013

Win some paid time

pendo has gone permanent and is running a caption competition to give away 72 days of paid time here. It ends on Saturday (at which point he will still have 70 days left) so if you're on a paid account it's worth a look.