August 9th, 2007

marcus 2013

While I remember to mention it...

I've taken out an insanejournal account (as ffutures) and have friended various people there, will try to friend all the usual suspects eventually. Given the low price I've gone for a permanent account, seems a good idea to support them.

This is in addition to my greatestjournal (also ffutures) and facebook account (Forgotten Futures). I have no idea how regularly I'll post to any of these, but I think I'm going to use insanejournal as my primary backup, followed by greatestjournal, with facebook kept as last resort since I'm not a huge fan of its interface etc.

Later Also added Blogspot, Memeless - which is odd because I thought I'd called the account ffutures...
marcus 2013

Soon I Will Be Invincible

Loved this book to bits, a really good riff on the superhero / supervillain theme. But as an RPG fan the fact that
  • The main superhero group is called The Champions
  • The "comic book covers" at the end of the book are labelled The Champions and have some generic similarity to supplements for the Champions RPG and the comic that was based on the game
surprised me a little. I was expecting to see some sort of credit there, and there's nothing. Anyone know if there has been any sort of deal cut on this, or legal action in the works?