August 31st, 2007

marcus 2013

Gencon UK

I'll be at Gencon UK this evening and through to Sunday afternoon - hope I'll see some of you there. There's allegedly WiFi access but I doubt I'll be on line much. I'm giving a talk on Sunday morning, may also run a game or two.

Later no wifi but there's a working network socket in my room so won't be completely off line.
marcus 2013


I think I need to look at getting a new OCR package - Omnipage has developed a nasty habit of crashing when I save documents, and I don't much like the current user interface anyway. I've just had an email about a "cheap" upgrade but it still costs about £70.

I've been wondering about trying Textbridge, which is I think about £40 if you get it as a download, but I don't know the program. Anyone got any views on it?