October 7th, 2007

Tooth and Claw

Dragon models again

Anyone know roughly how big the Mega-Blok dragon models are? How easy it is to change their posture etc.? They seem to be relatively affordable but none of the pictures on eBay give any clear idea of size.

I should really visit a toy shop, I suppose.
Tooth and Claw

Tooth and Claw - sun again

Here we go again...

Jo's decided to go with a planetary year that works out at 0.76 Earth years. The climate seems to be about the same as Earth although the day is longer, about 33.33 hours. Winter seems to be about the same percentage of the year as on earth, so I'm guessing a good greenhouse effect and something to buffer the day and night extremes, such as lots of rock absorbing heat by day and releasing it by night.

What I need to know is what type of star has a habitable zone suitable suitable for a year of that length, allowing for the star's gravity etc. Any other consequences of the star type would be nice.

I've tried looking this up, but the online sources seem a little inconsistent, to say the least, or I'm reading things wrong, which wouldn't surprise me since I'm no expert.

Later I've tried to work this out using the GURPS solar system design spreadsheet from Steve Jackson Games site, as far as I can tell it just about works out for a G9 star with a planetary orbital radius of 0.77 AU.

Is there anything in particular I should know about this type of star? More stable than ours or less? What about magnetic storms, radiation, flares, etc.?
marcus 2013


I've just been checking the last lot of planning stuff for the big Crossrail project, basically a new east-west railway line across London, which got government approval this week.

It looks like the main Western tunnel entrance (where the track goes below ground to dip under Central London) will be due south across the railway lines from my house, and about fifty yards to the East. But it'll be in a cutting at that point, it doesn't run on the surface until it's a quarter mile or so to the West, so hopefully not too much noise when it's running. Of course actually building the thing won't be exactly quiet...

It'll be interesting to see what happens to property prices around here over the next few years - LOTS of people want to live here, in part because access to transport is so good, with Crossrail working it'll be even better. But actually reaching that point will not be huge fun for neighbours of the scheme.