October 17th, 2007

marcus 2013

One more try at the cover

OK, same formatting as last time but I've used Albertus as the typeface and set the colour to black, with all fonts engraved, which gives a white/grey border. It seems to be reasonably clear at 50% and 25% magnification.

I have a tendency to use Albertus a lot because I think it's a very nice font - also, it's the only font I've actually paid for (as distinct from downloading from free sites and getting with software etc.) - but I think it works here.

Also lightened the background, which someone suggested much earlier, and that helps considerably.

Later: Font alignment glitch fixed.

Later still: Going with this one, it seems to work pretty well.
marcus 2013

Table of contents

Since I've got some sort of bug I've taken today off, which is why I'm at home messing around with layout etc. One of the things I'm looking at is the table of contents; I wanted to do something a little different from previous releases, so I'm thinking in terms of a Victorian book - the chapter title, a brief synopsis, and links to a couple of interesting bits - for now I'm just going to link to the sidebars, rather than everything, or it will be horribly cumbersome. So for example the second chapter is listed as

The Biology of Dragons5
In which matters of nature such as the origin and perpetuation of the Draconic species, diet, flame, & health are discussed, with some references to matters that may be inappropriate to a younger audience, and there are sidebars on topics such as:
Natural Weaponry8

I may eventually add an index too, not sure yet.