October 25th, 2007

Tooth and Claw

Questions I'll need to answer for the Tooth and Claw game

What would the technical term be for each of the following:

A male dragon who dislikes and distrusts female dragons?
A female dragon who dislikes and distrusts male dragons?
A dragon of either sex who dislikes and distrusts all other dragons?
A dragon of either sex who dislikes dragonets (and not just in the culinary sense)?

A dragon who dislikes and distrusts Yarge (humans) even more than they deserve?
A dragon who likes and trusts Yarge more than would seem prudent?

Reason for asking is that in the character creation section I'm writing up traits for dragons under various categories, attitudes to other dragons and to Yarge will obviously be important, and I want to avoid technically inaccurate terms such as "misogynist" if I can.
Tooth and Claw 2

The cow standard

For the Tooth and Claw game dragons eat a LOT of meat, so I think that I have to assume that the average wage will pay for e.g. a cow every few days, and that meat in general will be cheap whereas some types of food (e.g. bread, cheese) either won't be on sale at all, or will be a niche market catering to foreign (human) tourists and foodys. What I want to do is work out things adventurers might want to buy - e.g. beer, guns, etc. - based on the thing I know - e.g. cows.

What I really need is some idea of the cost of a beef carcasse in the mid-Victorian era. I can then relate other prices I know to that. Presumably information like this is available, but I've not got very far - I got a victorian maths text that gave three different prices for a cow in three different sums, but I'm pretty sure that there is no real world connection, the numbers were just used to make the sums work.

Maybe something like a naval history, presumably navies bought meat in bulk? Anyone got any thoughts?

Later It occurs to me I'm looking at this wrong - it's only the big rich dragons that will be eating whole cows, your average dragon in the street probably just buys a goat or a few pounds of beef. So I'll work it out from butcher prices, which I already have.