October 27th, 2007

Tooth and Claw

Paper dragons

One of the things I want to include in the Tooth and Claw game is a fold-out paper dragon. frostfox has let me base it on one of her images. I think it looks pretty good - I'm going to provide a body and pairs of folded or open wings - for this picture I've fitted one wing - as an experiment I printed it onto acetate and it looks very nice indeed. The one at the back worked a bit better from the folding point of view - the tail of the one in front is a little crumpled. On the one behind you can see more of the front of the head. One of the small wings (on paper) is in front of it. They're about 7" long.

Annoyingly I seem to have no good glue or card that will feed through my printer, so further experiments will have to wait until I can sort some next week. But so far I'm rather pleased.

Later - not sure what went wrong with the first photo, this one is better.