November 18th, 2007

Tooth and Claw 2

Yarge pirates

For my Yarge pirates I'm going for a Zouave with tattoos theme, as in these examples

The one on the left is a priestess / martial artist type, the others are some of her minions.

They seem to work pretty well, but I need now to think of something in the way of costume for the ordinary sailors. Needless to say searching on anything related to this is a minefield, endless porn sites etc.

Anyway, if the ordinary Yarge look like Cossacks and the pirates look like Zouaves, any suggestions on a theme for civilian sailors?
marcus 2013

More Yarge

More Yarge - this time it's sailors

Basically I've gone with Samaurai / Japanese costume, and (almost uniquely for Yarge) no guns, presumably because of the risk of fire aboard ship, which I will have to remember to mention in the description - they do have guns aboard, they just don't carry them routinely.

If I could find something more archaic and nautical - and not, I hasten to add for the benefit of nojay et al., anything at all to do with schoolgirls in sailor costume - I might go for it. But I need to find at least six or seven useful images, and this lot were a lot easier to find.