November 25th, 2007

Tooth and Claw

Magic in the Tooth and Claw setting

I really don't want to rewrite the full Forgotten Futures magic rules for the Tooth and Claw setting, and there isn't actually any need - the source of power will be a little different, everything else is much the same. So the chapter on magic will be pretty short:
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Does this seem OK? The illustration is one of frostfox's dragons - I've added the pointy hat and a couple of spell books.

Just writing the "use with other Forgotten Futures settings" bit, and finishing off some other details, and I will then, I think, have the rules section finished, and can move on to the adventures. I hope that I'll be able to send what I've done so far out for comment once Dragonmeet is out of the way, so if you wanted to be a beta reader please remind me.