December 2nd, 2007

marcus 2013

Asus Eee PC 701/4G

Got to play with an Asus Eee PC 701/4G for a moment at Dragonmeet. I am now thinking seriously about flogging the Jornada 710 and buying one, despite the fact that it doesn't meet my "fit in a pocket" criterion. It's just REALLY nice and seems to be VERY strongly built, and would be a nice way to get to play with Linux.
marcus 2013

Ages of Empire - Mac

Seems to be my day for posting.

When I was out shopping earlier I popped into a charity shop and picked up a copy of the Mac version of Age of Empires II Gold Edition for a fiver. I could sell it on Ebay but I really can't be arsed, and I can't seem to find anyone selling it so I have no idea of price anyway. It claims to be compatible on OS 8.5 through OS-X and built for OS-X - I suspect this means OS-X 10.0 but hopefully it's still compatible. It's a sealed disk and I'm not going to unwrap it to find out. It looks like it has never been used, but the box is bashed.

I'm not a huge fan of gaming on the iBook, and at the moment don't have time, so what I'm going to do is offer it here for a minimum of a fiver, if anyone wants to offer more I'll give the excess to Cancer Research UK, highest bid gets it. Buyer pays postage, which I suspect will be £3 or more in the UK - sorry, I'm not going to mess with airmail, it's heavy. I will give priority to anyone who can collect it from me at the Tun on Thursday.
marcus 2013

Paddle Steamer Progress

Thought I'd show how the Paddle Steamer project is coming.

On Saturday at Dragonmeet I used the flat version - basically a flat deck plan, which I laminated - as a prop and people seemed to like it. Today I've done a bit of work on superstructure. Just some cutout boxes that can be stuck on top. So far I haven't tried a laminated version, I'm still messing around with getting the format right. I'll use a straw as the mast, make the chimney as a paper cylinder, some bench seats on the upper deck, etc.

karohemd posted some photos of Dragonmeet that include the flat version here

and this is where I've got to today:

At the moment the lifeboat is still "attached" to the stern of the flat deck plan, I'll move it onto the deck above the cabins.