December 14th, 2007

marcus 2013

Taking the piss

When I got my iBook the battery was capable of 2-3 hours operation, more if I turn off WiFi. Since I wanted to use it at trade shows where they charge £100+ for the use of a mains socket I got a second battery fairly cheap on eBay, which had about the same life.

Today the original battery has about an hour's capacity, and the second one is below two hours. So I went along to the big Apple shop in Regent Street and asked prices tonight. And it turns out they cost £89.95 each. And unless I can find replacements a hell of a lot cheaper than that I'm afraid that my days as a Mac user may be somewhat more limited than I'd anticipated.

So if anyone sees anyone selling genuine batteries for a 14" screen iBook G4 cheapish please let me know.