December 17th, 2007

marcus 2013

Weather station kit

Maplin are selling this weather station kit for £39.99

It's apparently manufactured by a company called National, model number: WH1050

This version doesn't have a computer interface, but I'm wondering if by any chance an upgrade is available that does. It does most of the things I'd want from a home weather station, although you have to wonder why they couldn't include some sort of wind direction indicator, but without some way of recording the data it isn't much use.

Unfortunately there are simply too many companies called national, and even with the model number I haven't been able to find out more. Does anyone recognize it, or know anything about them?
Tooth and Claw 2

Beta Readers / Play Testers needed

I'm at the point with FFX: The Tooth and Claw role playing game where I really need a few people to beta read and play test the stuff I've done.

To recap, for those who haven't been paying attention the last few months, FFX is based on the novel Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton, a Victorian-style story of life, love, lawsuits, cannibalism and other fun stuff... in which all of the characters are dragons. So far what I've written is 30-odd pages of background material and a 50-odd page rewrite of the game rules to accommodate dragon player characters. Eventually there'll be adventures, and it will all be on line as a free download.

For now what I need is people to read through, try out the setting, and generally play with the modified system and dragon characters, see if it all seems to make sense. Some feedback would be nice, the only condition is that you mustn't give copies away or make it available on line - this isn't the finished game, and there may be lots of changes before I release it.

If anyone's interested comment below, agreeing to the no copying condition - I'll send you a personal message explaining how to download the PDF, which is currently around 4.5mb