January 21st, 2008

marcus 2013

£40 network(?) laser

I noticed yesterday that my local branch of Maplin are selling a Lexmark mono laser with USB and what appears to be a network port for £39.99 inc. VAT - I say "appears to be" because network connectivity wasn't mentioned in the flyer, like an idiot I lost the flyer somewhere so I can't check the model out on line, and it isn't currently on Maplin's web site. All I can say for sure is that the model number ended in an N, which usually indicates a network printer, and the connections at the back sure as hell looked like a network socket and a USB, but for all I know it's something else entirely.

Knowing Lexmark the toner is probably hideously expensive and the cartridge that comes with the printer will hold enough for about 100 pages, but it may be worth a look if you need a network printer for low-volume work.

later it's an E120N and seems to have fairly positive reviews; network ready, 600DPI, 19ppm, refurbished toner cartridge (2000 pages) £31 + VAT, new cartridge (2000 pages) £42.45.

Full specification here:

But I'm not very impressed by the toner cost, 2p plus per page.
marcus 2013

Cheap bells?

Anyone know of anybody that still sells old-style electric doorbells in the UK? Or got one knocking around and not in use? When I say "old-style" I mean the type that has an EXTERNAL hammer and some coils in a box, something like the one below - most modern designs save space by fitting the works inside the dome of the bell, inside a plastic housing which makes it more or less impossible to see the mechanism working.

One of the hits on Google images was someone selling a kit to build one as a science experiment, but it doesn't look very robust - I want two or three that'll survive being used by kids.
Tooth and Claw 2


Someone pointed out that the dragon version of the Forgotten Futures "How to do things" rule, which assumes that BODY etc. will often be well above 12, isn't user friendly since it has a big chunk of maths (that isn't always used) right at the start:

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In response to this I've put the first part in as a footnote, and the revised rule reads:

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I think that this is an improvement, but I'm not 100% sure. Any thoughts?