January 22nd, 2008

marcus 2013

Family Issues - nominated.

My old Buffy / Men in Black crossover Family Issues has been nominated in the crossover section of the Fang Fetish Awards. No idea why that story in particular, but hey, I won't complain. Doubt I'll win since some of the other nominees have been hugely popular on e.g. Twisting the Hellmouth, but we'll see.

later on closer inspection it's also nominated in some other sections, e.g. for the best conversion of a character from human to something else.
marcus 2013

Cheap Buffy and Angel books in Camden Town

I was in the 99p store in Camden High Street (London) tonight and noticed that they were selling various of the Buffy script books, Angel case files, Angel novels, etc., all at 99p each. There are several other branches of the shop around London so they might also be worth checking out if anyone is interested.

Got home to find some emergency gas repair people digging up the road outside the house next door. They're still there now. Hopefully the gas won't be switched off - we haven't had any warning, and they're usually pretty good about telling people if they have to do it. Since my central heating and hot water are gas powered it would be a little inconvenient...
Tooth and Claw 2

How to do things again

Having thought about it some more, I've taken capnoblivious's advice and reformatted the page to reinstate the "big numbers" rule as a separate entity immediately below the "how to do things" rule. I think this is about as clear as I can get things without getting horribly verbose. Comments, as always, appreciated.

To do anything roll 2D6:
  • Add the characteristic, skill or Difficulty to be overcome if it is 12 or less (otherwise see below)
  • Subtract the skill, Effect, or characteristic used if it is 12 or less (otherwise see below)
  • If the modified result is 7 or less it's a success. However:
  • Any unmodified roll of 2 ALWAYS succeeds.
  • Any roll of 12 ALWAYS fails, regardless of modifiers, and may have additional unfortunate consequences.
Big Numbers:
    If the characteristic, skill or Difficulty to be overcome or the skill, Effect, or characteristic used are over 12, divide both numbers by the smallest number that will reduce both below 12 and round up. e.g., if one is 20 and the other is 7, divide by 2 to get 10 and 4. If one is 32 and the other is 7, divide by 3 to get 11 and 3. Then roll as above.