February 4th, 2008

marcus 2013

Superheroes! and Soup...

Just back from the launch of rozk's Superheroes: Capes and Crusaders in Comics and Films, which I can thoroughly recommend based on the 30-odd pages I've read so far.

On the way there I popped into the Oxfam bookshop near Forbidden Planet and picked up the hardcover of Weber's latest for six quid, then went on to FP and paid rather more for Ian M. Banks' latest Culture book - if I wasn't so tired I might have the energy to get up and get the books so I can quote the titles.

The launch was basically a pub meet and went reasonably well, except that the pub in question has appallingly bad acoustics. Once it was a bit crowded I was hearing about one word in three, also losing my voice through trying to talk loud enough to be heard. Saw some old friends including Avedon & Rob, paratti, John Clute, etc., but what with the acoustics and being dog tired I decided to push off after an hour and a half - thought about going to Wagamama for a bowl of their beef chilli noodle soup, but in the end decided to go home instead and cook something.

"Something" turned out to be my attempt to cook something vaguely like that chilli soup - a Quorn steak cooked in the microwave then cut into slices and stir fried with bean sprouts etc. and lots of chilli peppers and garlic, then I poured in a can of French onion soup and some lime juice and simmered it for a while. Eating it now and it's pretty good; a bit too much chilli (which is something I VERY rarely say) but nice in a "sear your taste buds" way. I may try it again some time, it's a substantial bowl (would have been more if I hadn't been suspicious of the noodles I was planning to use, they smelled a little past their best) and with a little walnut bread is going down very well. Took about ten minutes to cook, which I think is pretty good.