February 11th, 2008

marcus 2013

Counterfeit DVD update

Phoned FACT, expecting to have to give a lot of details, hand in the disk, etc. Conversation went something like this

Me: I've bought a DVD that I think is counterfeit.
FACT: Did you buy it on eBay
Me: No, I got it from a company's web site.
FACT: Do you have the address?
Me: [supply address]
FACT: What DVD was it?
Me: Transformers (a brief explanation of why I think it's a forgery)
FACT: Okay, I've logged that, thank you.

And that was basically it. Didn't ask for my details, didn't ask me to send them the disk, or any of the other crap I was expecting. Pleasantly surprised.

Later: Requested a refund, have now received one without any comment. They know they're in the wrong.

Later still: Wondered about the bar code and ISBN (which I didn't think was something DVDs had). It turns out that some do - but in this case both are correct for Mission Impossible 3, not transformers.
marcus 2013

Todays charity shop bargain...

...was Plum Lovin' by Janet Evanovich, the new Stephanie Plum hardcover, at £2 instead of $16.95

And having read a little way into it I can see why it ended up in a charity shop so quickly. It's a sequel to Visions of Sugar Plums, her Xmas story of a year or two ago, and only 164 pages. And like Visions of Sugar Plums it reads a lot like a Mary-Sue crossover fanfic, in which Our Heroine is the only way a super-powered super-hunk can think of to track down an evil super. The SP books have always had this Mary-Sue element, but it is usually a lot more subdued - here there is no obvious reason why SP should be the detective of choice when dealing with a rogue super, and attempts to justify it make it make the unlikeliness of the character a little too obvious.

I may be misjudging it, and as I said I haven't read much of it yet, but I'm not optimistic. More (possibly) when I finish it.