February 14th, 2008

marcus 2013

Tooth and Claw status report

In case anyone was wondering, I've now finished the Tooth and Claw worldbook and rules rewrite and the first Tooth and Claw adventure, and am working on the optional epilogue for that, in which the adventurers get involved in the What-The-Butler-Saw machine movie of their original adventure. After that there will be one more full length adventure (which will actually come first in the book), and a "mini-adventures with framing story" campaign outline. Currently there are 122 PDF pages for about 61,000 words, but I susppect that the word count includes a lot of numbers etc. in the tables. I'm aiming for a final length around 75-80k words.

I think I'm more or less on course for a launch at the beginning of April, or possibly even earlier if I really get my act together, but I'm not banking on it since once I've got the thing written I'll have to convert it to HTML (the distribution disk will contain PDF and HTML versions), sort out the rest of the contents of the distribution disk and updated Forgotten Futures CD-ROM, etc. So cautiously optimistic, but don't hold your breath waiting.

Re the question I asked a day or two ago, here's how my studio description ended up. Anyone who played in the second scenario I ran at Dragonmeet will realise I've changed things quite a lot, I think a studio system is more likely than what I described there.
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marcus 2013


Last night I saw something about a new BBC3 sitcom about a vampire and a werewolf who share a flat. But I didn't note the day / time, anyone got the details?

Later: Monday 9 - 10 pm, Being Human

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