February 16th, 2008

Angel of the Revolution


For a VERY long time the first two lines of the Forgotten Futures rules have been:
This document is copyright, but you are encouraged to make copies and print-outs as needed. You may make modifications for your own use, but modified versions MUST NOT be distributed.
A little later the last paragraph of the introduction ends:
If you dislike this approach please feel free to amend the injury system, but please DO NOT distribute modified rules.
Is there anything in that which could in any way be interpreted as saying that it's OK to put a modified version of the rules on line? Before bothering to ask my permission??

Small clarification: The person concerned got round to asking me after doing it. Amongst other reasons to object, although he's linked to my original version the modified version omits my name and copyright information. The modifications seem to consist of changing the names of a couple of skills and adding a couple more, and are mostly cosmetic. I would not be objecting at all if he'd simply linked to my rules and posted a summary of the changes he was making for his campaign, but not an edited version of the whole bloody game.

I'll respond properly to comments this evening - right now I have to go shopping.

and another - I was wrong, my name and copyright info is still there, he's changed the layout a bit and I didn't notice.