February 20th, 2008

Blues Brothers

Angel fanfic (drabble) - It's probably quantum...

Driving in to work this morning I remembered something I thought of around the time I started watching Buffy. I've wondered how to use it in fanfic a few times, never came up with an answer until now. And before you ask, despite the title this is an Angel fanfic, not a Pratchett crossover...

later - changed this a little to make things clearer.

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marcus 2013

VERY cheap low-energy lamps

In case anyone hadn't noticed; Robert Dyas stores currently offer Philips low-energy lamps at 69p or THREE for £1, 11 to 18w, ES or BC fittings. I think that they're slightly old stock - the most recent ones have been a little smaller - but the same energy efficiency as the current ones. At that price you can't really go far wrong anyway. Just got a largeish number for work.

No idea how long the offer is on, I can't seem to access their web site.

Later - the web site has the 69p offer but not 3 for a quid, presumably it's in-store only. Doesn't say how long the offer is on for.

Forgot to say that they're 8 year life lamps, not the 12 year.
marcus 2013

Lunar eclipse tonight!

If liz_marcs hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't have remembered that there's a total lunar eclipse tonight. Unfortunately it's quite late in the UK - starts at 1.43 am, finishes after five. There's an article about it here and a diagram showing times for the UK here. It looks like a cloudy night, unfortunately, and I'm already close to dozing off, so I doubt I'll get pictures.