February 29th, 2008

marcus 2013

Paul Berna and Free Gods

I was thinking about a French children's book and couldn't remember the title, except that I had a vague idea that it was by Paul Berna, who also wrote some juvy SF. So I Googled him to check which book it was - and it turns out that he died yesterday. Bloody hell.


In the end I couldn't find out which book it was, which is annoying, but I think I'll leave it in case there is some sort of weird curse attached to my Googling people. Let's go Google spammers instead...

LATER Appears I read the date from the top of the page, but not the article itself - it was 28th January 1994. So not quite the kiss of death I thought!

Oh, and Neil Gaiman is giving away American Gods as a free download for the next month