March 1st, 2008

marcus 2013

Words fail me

Apparently the UK's three biggest ISPs want to pass on customer's browsing information (e.g. the address of every page they download) to an advertiser. I sincerely hope that this is getting the attention it deserves from everyone concerned about privacy and data protection.

I've been reasonably happy with NTL / Virgin, but plan to change my ISP if they implement this scheme.
Tooth and Claw

The Blessed Jamanah

When I posted about the Blessed Jamanah's research project a few days ago I forgot to include a picture of the gentledragon in question. I had the picture then, now I've finally remembered to give him a hat, so here he is.

I should maybe say that this will be about half a page wide in the book, which ought to hide any imperfections that are visible in the high magnification view.