March 4th, 2008

Mad scientist

Fake Blood Typing

Ages ago I was looking for a way to fake blood typing on the cheap, and nobody could give me a recipe.

I've finally found something that works; in the unlikely event that anyone else happens to need to do this experiment, here's the method etc. What I've done is print the method (not the technician / teacher bit) onto laminated cards with a space marked for a microscope slide with two black areas underneath it - you could do it on a black spotting tile instead, of course.

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later Needless to say I spotted three errors AFTER laminating the cards...
Tooth and Claw 2

Delving Deep

Wow, that was a blast from the past - I just completed writing a six page (with maps) description of an underground cave complex, complete with treasure (gold and art objects), traps, and mysterious pools. Of course the description reads more like something from Country Life, since this is a highly desirable residence in Dragon country. Next come the wandering monsters family, servants, and guests...