March 5th, 2008

marcus 2013

Hard Decisions...

By far my biggest expense in sending out the Forgotten Futures CD-ROMs is postage.

A detailed breakdown of costs of sending out the Forgotten Futures CD-ROMs is quite complicated, but the bottom line is that the extra pound I charge users in the US and Europe now doesn't come close to covering the extra cost of postage, since every purchaser actually gets two mailings - the FF CD-ROM initially, and the next release of the game eventually.

A big part of the shortfall is down to using a jewel case for the FF CD-ROM; it needs a padded envelope, weighs more, and can only be sent as a small packet, not as an airmail letter. And jewel cases don't actually give the disk more protection than they get in a vinyl pouch in a card envelope; since I started using the card envelopes for the charity disks etc. I've had no damage reports, whereas about one jewel case in 15 or 20 arrives broken, and a couple have the disk damaged.

Bearing these points in mind, I think that with the next release of the FF CD-ROM I'm going to have to start supplying it in a pouch, not a jewel case - I'll include the jewel case insert, of course, for anyone who wants to use one. Unless people think that this will have an adverse effect on sales.

So - another poll...

Poll #1149303 Hard or Soft

If I bought the FF CD-ROM I would prefer

A hard jewel case
A soft pouch
Don't know
Don't care

If a pouch is used it would be...

...a deal breaker, I want a jewel case!
...not as nice but I can live with it.
...totally unimportant


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