March 9th, 2008

marcus 2013

Mapping the caverns

For my "country cave mystery" adventure I've designed a cave complex, originally a mine, which realistically would have a lot of overlapping sections at different depths. Mapping that sort of thing is a bit of a sod, what I've ended up doing is draw it so that all of the areas are linked to a common vertical shaft at different depths - I've then drawn each level separately, and a plan of the complex as a whole, with the levels in different colours, at smaller scale.

I think this works, but the plan of the complex as a whole isn't as clear as I would like. Anyone got any thoughts on ways I could improve it?

Plans of the top level and the complex as a whole are behind the cut

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Tooth and Claw 2


Here are the cover variants for the single-book and three-book versions of the Tooth and Claw RPG

I've changed the wording slightly on the three covers

Original cover - Roleplaying in the world of Jo Waltons World Fantasy Award winning novel.

Worldbook - Exploring the world of Jo Waltons... novel.
Rules - Roleplaying in the world of...
Adventures - Adventures in the world of...

There's a different coin motif for each cover - the original one is also used for the worldbook, the other two use two of frostfox's dragon pictures colorised and processed to look like coins. Think they work reasonably well.

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I need to adjust the spacing slightly, but I think they look pretty good.

Later The more I look at this, the more I think I want to use the third coin pattern for the game as a whole, not the one I originally used. Any opinions?