April 9th, 2008

marcus 2013


After a lot of hesitation I've decided to uninstall Skype - I'm not using it very often, and I think it's slowing my PC quite a bit. If there isn't much improvement I might eventually reinstall it, but for now at least the account is off line.
marcus 2013

FF X approaching

Just posted this to ffutures_news which means it will be on my web site - hopefully I'm not jumping the gun too much:

I haven't quite completed Forgotten Futures X, but I think it's probably a matter of a couple of weeks until I finish the writing, and maybe 2-3 weeks after that for final proofreading, approval from Jo Walton (who wrote Tooth and Claw, on which FF X is based), and putting together a distribution disk and revised FF CD-ROM.

Hopefully this means that the distribution disks will be sent out in early May, and the new FF CD-ROM will be available from then onwards, with the files going on line in June. But I can't give precise dates.

As of today, if you order the FF CD-ROM or register I will contact you before processing the order and suggest holding off until the new release is available. If you want the current version anyway please make a note when you register, via PayPal or in your letter.

If you have moved since registering please make sure that I have an up-to-date address!
marcus 2013


I finally have some good news about the modified version of Forgotten Futures I was complaining about a few weeks ago. After several attempts to contact them, the web-hosting company in question has taken down the site. Their contact form got no response, nor did abuse@hostingcompany - I eventually reached them by doing a whois search on the company and sending an email to the privacy-blocked email address that came up.

They appear to have taken down the guy's whole site, which to be honest doesn't worry me much - I would have a lot more sympathy if he hadn't ignored my messages.

Anyway, looking at this positively, I now have some (hopefully) legally valid terms of use that may help to stop crap like this happening again.