April 10th, 2008

Tooth and Claw 2

Forgotten Futures X cover

This is what I've ended up with as the Tooth and Claw RPG cover; I'll use the same illustration as background for the one or three volume covers.

I've managed to avoid using the word World three times on the cover, just once in "World Fantasy Award." It prints well, it looks good and is legible at a distance or when it's reduced in size, none of the background seems to be particularly obtrusive, and it's more interesting than any of the "lots of coins all the same" ideas I previously tried.

In short, I think that this one is the keeper.

Click to enlarge. Click twice for the largest version I've transferred, about 60% of full page size.

The icon is still the early version, I'll replace it eventually.
marcus 2013

Fang Fetish Awards

I've just heard that I've won three Fang Fetish Awards for my BtVS / Men in Black crossover Family Issues

I'm not sure where the "fetish" bit comes in, since it's pretty much PG, but it's always nice to be recognised. I've won the Unique Universes award and I'm runner-up for The Supernatural, also a Judges Award.

And congratulations to all the other winners - some familiar names there including nwhepcat who has won or placed with several stories.

Later Make that four awards - Just noticed I'm also runner-up for Best Transformation (presumably because someone gets vamped in the course of the story)

It's a fairly old story, I'm really surprised it's done so well!