May 28th, 2008

marcus 2013

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The livejournal elections are getting silly, and we seem to have our first conspiracy theory.

Since I suspect my comment will be lost in the crowd, I'm repeating it here:

Reading this, I really have to ask how credible this story is. Players with several thousand livejournal accounts and email addresses, all via different ISPs etc? Who the hell has the time to do something like that, or the organizational skills to keep track, and WTF would they bother since this would have all had to have been set up months ago? If they're doing this, and actively monitoring so many accounts for their RPGs, how do they find time to eat, or go to the bathroom?

I have no doubt that there will be a few multiple votes - I also have no doubt that they will be spread fairly evenly amongst the candidates. But something on this scale is a fairy tale, made up by someone who knows that most people won't bother to do the math and realise just how stupid the idea is. Falling for it does you no credit.
marcus 2013

Another livejournal election thought

Is anyone else thinking that this is the most entertaining "reality" show that the livejournal management have ever staged?

We have a group of people competing for the post of official scapegoat, basically - because whoever wins this is going to be blamed for every bit of crass mismanagement and bad PR the owners pull. I'm pretty sure that the job comes with no power whatever, so about all that you can do is bitch at the company, who have no commitment or legal obligation to do anything that the advisory board recommends.

Meanwhile all of them are doing the equivalent of going into the diary room and posting their thoughts, in some cases not to their own advantage, and eventually most of them will be voted off the island and back into well-deserved obscurity.