June 26th, 2008

Captain Jack

Fanfic - Five Pit-Stops on the Way to the 21st Century - III

Due to various work related issues which have been stressing me a little, but I can't currently explain here, I haven't got much work done on the RPG in the last week or so.

Tonight I decided to try a little fanfic instead, and rewrote the third story of my Who / Torchwood crossover stories starring Captain Jack Harkness. This time the story's from Jack's POV. The date is a little uncertain, given several resets of the history of the characters.

This one's a DC universe crossover. The earlier stories in the series are here

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Comments please before I post to archives.
marcus 2013

Psst.... want some used memory, effendi?

I've now pulled two 184-pin DIMMs from my PC - 256MB DDR, 266, CL2

I was hoping that they'd fit the machine I use at work but they aren't compatible.

It probably isn't worth trying to sell them on eBay, so does anyone here need one or both? Free, but you'll have to pay postage (which I think will have to be UK only) and a contribution to charity would be appreciated.
marcus 2013

Another meme

Slightly more interesting than most and from numerous people:

Post 3 things you've done that you believe nobody else on your F-list has done.

1. Bred more than a hundred baby corn snakes.

2. Accidentally blown up a vaccuum cleaner by filling it with natural gas.

3. Survived a mains electric shock in my bath.