July 11th, 2008

Tooth and Claw 2

A funny thing just happened to me...

...Despite having been a bit under the weather today, I've finished the first draft of Forgotten Futures X: The Tooth and Claw Role Playing Game, and just backed it up to a network drive, USB stick, and CD-ROM, which will be stored at work just to be extra sure...

This doesn't mean it's ready to launch - the game plan now is to reread the whole thing and make final corrections, print it out, and get the printout to Jo Walton (who is fortuitously in the UK) on Sunday. She's seen about 2/3rds of it already but only as text files - Assuming she's OK with the rest and with the look and feel of everything I can start converting it all to HTML (I want as much as possible as HTML as well as PDF), and put together the release disk with some additional game material, samples from the FF CD-ROM, etc. With a LOT of luck I may be able to start sending CDs to registered users before the end of the month.

HUGE sigh of relief, since for some reason the last little bit seemed to take forever to write. I'm off to eat a very late supper and head for bed.

Looking Forward to Forgotten Futures XI

While I've still got a long way to go to get Forgotten Futures X finished, one of the things I need to do is decide on a title for Forgotten Futures XI, so that I can give it a plug at the end of FF X.

So far the plug reads "Forgotten Futures XI will be based on the science fiction of Stanley Weinbaum (1902-1935), exploring his imaginative vision of the Solar System."

That's a bit dull - what I want is something to go after the XI, preferably a title with no more than four or five words.

Weinbaum's most famous story in this setting is A Martian Odyssey, so it's tempting to use the title Space Odysseys. Except that it's a title that's already been used for an online game, several anthologies, a TV science series, etc. etc. and I would prefer to be a little more original.

I'm thinking about "Planets and Perils" or "Planets of Peril," neither of which seems to be the title of anything [later edit - Just found Planets of Peril as a Space 1999 novelization]. Unless, of course, you know better. Other possibilities include "Rockets and Rayguns" and "Blast Off!" (which is, or was, a board game but not an RPG as far as I know). Or I could write around it - I don't have to have a title yet...

Another thing I ought to decide is what sort of art I'll be using. Most of the SF magazine art of the 30s is still in European copyright, but some earlier stuff may be available. Alternatives could include 3D modelling, find someone who does art for fanzines etc. and persuade them to do something for the game, photos of real people in SF type costumes, and so forth. Which would you prefer? Would a mixture work for you? Do you care at all?

So, let's have your opinions...

Poll #1221792 Forgotten Futures XI

What title would you prefer?

Planets of Peril
Planets and Perils
Rockets and Rayguns
Blast Off!
Any of these is fine!
I hate all of them!
Leave it as a surprise!
I have another idea (in comments)

Artwork should be...

Copyright expired pulp images
Glossy 3D modelling
Fan art
Live action
A mixture - whatever seems to work
Who cares - the words are what matters!