July 15th, 2008

marcus 2013

Yes, Tom Clancy really does need a technical advisor...

I was telling someone about the gaping plot holes in most of Tom Clancy's work, and he was a little sceptical. Pausing only briefly to gaze in awe at The Bear and the Dragon whose Chinese government computers connect to the internet via a built in modem, not a network, and have no firewalls, anti-trojan protection or (apparently) compartmentalization to make sure that the person who types up super-secret minutes is not also browsing the web on the same PC, and to wonder why TC thought that the Chinese government couldn't stop its citizens accessing western web sites, we move swiftly on to Rainbow Six.

I shall say relatively little about the plot, Collapse )

OK, that's fairly standard contrived plotting. What isn't is that Collapse )
I'm pretty sure that any good editor could do so much more elegantly. I can only assume that by the time he wrote Rainbow Six he was such an enormous success that nobody was doing this sort of proofreading.
marcus 2013

Another duplexing colour printer

This time it's something called a gelsprinter, which appears to be an inkjet variant which is claimed to be cheaper and more reliable to run than standard inkjet. I should stress I know nothing about the technology. SVP charge 90 quid as a customer return (e.g. within 30 days of purchase, has 12 month warranty), but someone has three new for £74 each inc. postage on eBay, don't know what the warranty is like.



It's 3600 x 1200 according to SVP, 1200x1200 according to the guy on eBay, duplexing as standard, has USB, and has an option for networking. What I don't know is how long the ink lasts in the starter cartridges, hhow easy it is to get the network kit, etc., and if there are Mac drivers. Ink looks to cost £36 for colour carts, £22 for black, and they're claiming 1000 pages for the colour carts, 1500 for black.

I wouldn't go for it myself, but it's maybe interesting for anyone who wants to do relatively low volume duplex printing.