July 19th, 2008

marcus 2013

Lowest common denominator fonts for Word?

One of the things I want to provide with Forgotten Futures X is dragon character record sheets as editable Word etc. .DOC files. I've already done this, but it occurs to me that they'll be a mess if anyone else loads them.

The trouble is that the font I've used for the book is Albertus, and I can't give it away with the game because as far as I know it's a commercial font (numerous sites seem to be giving it away, but I suspect that they are not doing so legally). My best move is probably to find a font that is common to Windows, Macs, and if possible Linux distros, use that, and suggest that users pick a font they prefer.

Any suggestions for a font that'll do the trick?

In other news my local computer market has a guy selling 100-page packs of QMS glossy 135g A4 colour laser printer paper. Got one today and gave it a try, the result is VERY impressive, really makes the text stand out - I think it'll be very good for flyers etc. Works out at a fiver a ream, which seems pretty reasonable... unless anyone knows of a cheaper alternative I'll pop back tomorrow and get a few more packs.