July 20th, 2008

marcus 2013

Weird HTML problem

For the HTML version of the Tooth and Claw RPG I've been using the "alt" attribute to describe images and the "title" attribute for pictures to show copyright information etc. when the cursor passes over them, and it's been fine for the first 63 images in the file.

For some reason the titles of #64 onwards don't show up when viewed in Safari on the Mac - they're fine in Opera and Firefox on the PC and Mac. I've checked the HTML for errors using two different validation programs, and while they don't like the style and my use of some deprecated elements much there aren't any actual errors.

So is this an inherent limit of Safari - I suppose there aren't that many documents with that many images and title tags - or something I should be worrying about? I've just wasted more than two hours trying to fix it, and I'm beginning to think that it may be Safari that's broken, not the file.

I suspect that the number of images is the important thing - knowing my luck, someone used a look-up table with six-bit numbering (0-63) to store the information or something...

Anyone got any thoughts? Know anything about this? Know where it might be worth asking? I'm looking through the forums on Apple's site but haven't found anything yet.

much later I wanted to ask about this on Apple's Safari forums, but when I saw what was involved in registering I decided I couldn't face it. If anyone has an account I'd be VERY grateful if someone could ask for me.

File size is 569K, about 5.5 MB when loaded with all images. There are so far 65 images, the problem starts with image #63, but commenting out a couple of earlier ones doesn't help so it may not be the total number of images that's important.

I've just tried pasting the affected part of the document into a separate document file - wish I'd thought of it two hours ago - that's fine when viewed in Safari, so it definitely isn't a coding error, it's something about Safari or the file size etc.

I really don't want to split this into multiple documents, but I'm beginning to think it may be the only fix.