July 23rd, 2008

marcus 2013

Prometheus Winners

Congratulations to Jo Walton papersky who has jointly won the Prometheus Award for Libertarian SF with Harry Turtledove; Jo gets it for Ha'Penny, Turtledove for The Gladiator, it's the first time that there's ever been a tie, and the first time a woman has won the actual award. Since the award is an ounce of gold it's well worth having - apparently they get an ounce each in the event of a tie.

Also pleased to say that Anthony Burgess has poshumously received the Hall of Fame award for A Clockwork Orange after several previous nominations.


has the news - I wanted to refer back to the actual Prometheus Award site, but my virus checker says it's trying to upload a Trojan when I go there. It's the first time I've ever seen that message, so I'd better take it seriously.

And of course this means I have to edit Jo's bio a bit in the Tooth and Claw RPG, which is a pain because there's no space left on that page...
marcus 2013

Browser update

I downloaded Safari for Windows this morning, and discovered that the graphics titles are fine there - the problem only occurs in the Mac version. Needless to say they are the same version number...

So I've decided that the best way to handle it is by putting a warning on the page that links to all the different files:

HTML files are best viewed in 800x600 or better resolution. While every effort has been made to test these files with a variety of browsers and graphics settings, extreme combinations of font and screen size may display poorly.

The following browsers were used for compatibility checking:
   Internet Explorer 7 (Windows XP)1
   Firefox 3.0 (Windows XP and Apple OS X 10.4)
   Opera 9.51 (Windows XP and Apple OS X 10.4)
   Safari 3.1.2 (Windows XP and Apple OS X 10.42)
1 Not compatible with Internet Explorer for OS X
2 Safari for OS X does not display copyright information on some illustrations when the single-file version of the game is loaded. There are no problems with the multiple file version.

I think that makes things pretty clear.