July 25th, 2008

Tooth and Claw 2

The State of the Art

Today I got a few things done

Fiddled around with the design of the cutout boat I mentioned yesterday, and fixed the things I didn't like about the engine

Made a couple of hundred cards (basically saying "This is the Tooth and Claw RPG - UK postal regulations will charge me an arm and a leg if I include a letter here, so read the Readme file on the CD" to go into the disk mailers.

Wrote the readme file; it's behind the cut and I'd be grateful for comments - it basically explains why it's taken me three years to get this out, and I'm worried it might be a bit too whiney.
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Designed labels for the distribution disk and the FF CD-ROM. Those I'm not going to print in quantity until I'm ready to use them, those labels are expensive. One of these years I will have to look into the white topped CDs and printing on them directly, but stack loading CD Duplicators / printers cost about a grand and I can't really justify it. I'm going with one of Sue's pictures for both labels, a nice dragoness which I manipped to add a bonnet and "Votes for Dragonesses" sign.

Did some more work on the other contents of both CDs.

Hopefully everything will be ready once I have Jo's corrections. So why am I sweating so much?

Time to go out and get some fresh air, I think...
marcus 2013

Paging ferret fanciers

A friend has just adopted a couple of ferrets from an animal rescue, and while he seems to be reasonably well clued up on them (and has his first bitemarks), I was wondering if anyone had any hints and tips to pass on, or sites to recomment. They're both females, not very old, that's about all I know.