July 28th, 2008

Tooth and Claw


I just heard from Jo Walton that she has no problems with the RPG apart from a very minor error.

HUGE sigh of relief.

So tomorrow I finish off the distribution CD-ROM and new release of the FF CD-ROM (both more or less done as of today, so that won't take long), sort out the postal labels for the mailout, and make CD labels and start burning disks. If all goes well I'll do the mailout on Tuesday.

But first I think a relatively early night for a change!
marcus 2013

GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol

Just got this as a download from e23; I was a little worried that there would be problems with similarity to the Weinbaum game I'm planning, and since it's a pulp SF setting there's obviously some overlap, but overall I don't think there's going to be a problem. It's a very nice supplement, incidentally, up to the usual GURPS standards and I think it would be a lot of fun to use. I'll certainly be including it in my "recommended reading" for Planets of Peril
marcus 2013

State of play

CD contents finalised
Master copies made
Mailing labels printed
CD labels printed
First stack of 50 CDs duplicated

Annoyingly the CD duplicator appears to work much better when I'm not watching it - it jammed three times with the first fifty, this time round I'm in the kitchen sticking on labels and it's already well on its way through the second batch without any problems.

OK, I think I'll have the mailout finished tonight at this rate, tomorrow I can go to the post office and faint when they tell me how much it'll all cost.

later for values of tonight which include 3 AM, of course...