July 31st, 2008

marcus 2013

Drawing program update

I've ordered a copy of Corel Draw 12 - if it doesn't translate my old files it's too bad, I can continue to use Micrografx for the older stuff if needs be. But I get the impression that for the sort of accurate work I want to do Corel is probably a better bet.
marcus 2013

Dragon Coins Again

I've had a nice idea for the convention I'm going to tomorrow.

Usually I print up a load of flyers for my games, a few people take them, and I don't seem to get a huge amount of response from them.

This time around I've also made four sheets of dragon coins, sixty in all, in six designs, with

Forgotten Futures X

Tooth and Claw
Role Playing Game


on the back.

I've laminated them and cut them out as individual coins, and my plan is to distribute all sixty around the convention halls and other rooms - if anyone can find examples of all six types I'll give them a copy of the distribution CD-ROM. As I get the coins back I'll put them out again, finding different locations each time.

I've made a couple of signs saying what they're about, and offering the alternative of buying a copy of the disk for charity.

Hopefully it'll work - we'll see what happens.
marcus 2013


Has anyone been keeping track of the aliases used by MM and WW in the series? This week there was a fairly obvious link to one of the main elements of the plot, don't know about previous weeks. I'd add it to the Middleman entry on Wikipedia, but there doesn't seem to be a trivia section for the show, and there are probably loads of other things I'm missing.