August 17th, 2008

marcus 2013

Torchwood meets the Big Bang

A special radio episode of sci-fi drama Torchwood is to be broadcast as part of BBC Radio 4's Big Bang experiment.

The 10 September event will see scientists recreate the aftermath of the Big Bang at the European nuclear research facility in Geneva.

Presenter Andrew Marr will report on the experiment for Radio 4 which has exclusive access throughout the day.

The episode of Torchwood will be set inside the European Organisation for Nuclear Reasearch (CERN).

As part of the day's broadcast, the show's star John Barrowman will join Ben Miller and Alan Alda on a panel of celebrities who are fans of particle physics.

The Big Bang will be recreated by the largest atom smasher in the world.

Scientists are hoping it will give them an insight into the origins of the universe and its composition.

The experiment will be launched live on the Today programme.


Is a polygon with 1000 regular sides a millenagon? If so, will people throw things if I call the High Circle of Flatland "Falco Millenagon"?
marcus 2013

Because I'm silly...

I'll have two or three complete spaceship designs in the Weinbaum game, I couldn't resist putting a little something extra on the navigator's desk in one of them...

I'm not sure whether I'll leave it there or not, but I'm tempted...

This is the sort of thing that wastes way too much time - like the frying pan I put on the galley stove in one of the ships with two eggs, each slightly different to the other, and both about 1/8th inch across.

Now a serious question - what is the maritime term for a bathroom with shower, loo, and washbasin etc.?