August 21st, 2008

marcus 2013


Is there any way to embed a Corel Draw graphic into a Word document without converting it to a bitmap? I thought it was possible but I can't remember how it works.
marcus 2013

The eBayer's guide to the Galaxy

A while ago I started a comparative guide to Mechanical Orreries, Planetariums and Telleriums on eBay UK, aimed at people who want educational or scientific devices rather than antiques. I'd appreciate comments if anyone spots anything that looks wrong, or wants to tell me about any models I've missed - I know that there are plenty, but I don't really want to review anything without hands-on experience. It doesn't necessarily have to be my experience; if anyone else has experience of any other models and can give me a brief summary, photo, etc. as in the ones I've done, I'd love to add more.