September 8th, 2008

marcus 2013

HP Colour Laserjet 2605DN - any horror stories?

The colour laser (Xerox Phaser 6100DN) I bought a few years ago has started to give problems - I'm getting some repetitive marks that only seem to affect colour printing, and don't seem to be the toner cartridges, which I suspect means that the transfer belt is on its way out, and that's a majorly expensive part. If I were 100% sure that that's the problem I'd buy one, but they're no longer made and difficult to find, and I don't want to spend £60 or so then find that it's something else. There are a couple of ideas for repairing it that I want to try, such as cleaning the belt if I can do so safely, but given that you can get new colour lasers for not much more I think I need to start thinking in terms of replacing the printer rather than repairing it.

For the moment I can manage with mono printing, but the phaser is a duplexing colour network printer, and all of those features are useful, so sooner or later I'll want to replace it.

The printer I keep coming back to on this is the HP Colour Laserjet 2605DN, which has the same general features, but it costs £280 plus delivery and the toner is about £50 a cartridge. On the other hand I can be fairly sure that the consumables won't be discontinued any time soon, which is always a plus. Does anyone know anything about it?