September 17th, 2008

marcus 2013

On The Move

Apologies if you see this more than once, I'm posting it to ffutures_news and the InsaneJournal equivalent which is currently the blog feed to my web sites.

As of a few minutes ago should point to my new web site, not the old one. It may take a while for this change to propagate, the easy way to find out is to click on the link above (or open it in a new tab) and see if you go straight to the Forgotten Futures top page, or stop off at a redirection page. If you get any sort of error message please let me know.

This is a mirror of the old site, and all links should work exactly as before. But fairly soon I'll be adding more content, so please watch this space.

If anyone feels like testing this and runs into errors PLEASE comment below.
marcus 2013

Paging beta testers etc.

Anyone who was looking at the Forgotten Futures Compendium - since I've had no reports of problems I'm planning to put this on line at the weekend now that I've sorted out the site move. Please get back to me via email before then if you do have any problems / suggestions / etc.