September 27th, 2008

marcus 2013

Weird idea for a Dr. Who / Terminator crossover

The whole basis of the Terminator franchise is a stonking huge time paradox. The Terminators and Skynet appear to exist solely because time travellers take Terminator technology back to the past - there is very little real evidence that Skynet will ever exist without Terminator intervention. John Connor only exists because future John Connor sends someone back to keep his mother alive. And so forth.

Now, if this was a Doctor Who story you'd have big problems with a time paradox like that - the Reapers would start to appear to destroy it.

In a DW / Terminator crossover why isn't that happening? The answer has to be that Sarah Connor and John Connor are still making changes - "no fate but what we make" - and until there's a definite outcome the time change hasn't gelled.

So the whole thing will continue in flux until the humans win (fat chance) or John Connor is killed. At which point the Reapers start to appear, destroying all evidence of the paradox and blotting it out from history. With John Connor gone he can't send people back to the past, which means that he will never be born, which means that there is no reason to ever send a terminator back to kill Sarah, which means that there is no real foundation for Skynet's existence... The whole time loop vanishes forever. Back in nineteen-eighty-whatever Sarah has a boring evening at home, comes back to find that her flatmate and her boyfriend have left a horrible mess, has a huge row with them, and generally goes about her normal life. There is no John Connor, no terminators, nothing. It's all gone, edited out of time by the Reapers.

I pass this along for anyone who wants to use it.
marcus 2013

Plastic spacemen

When I was a kid I had loads of cheap plastic spacemen, injection moulded with clear plastic helmets, adjustable arms, and ray guns. Can't now remember who made them. Is anything like this still available?

Or just moulded plastic spacemen generally, preferably around 25mm scale and up?

I'd like to recommend a few manufacturers for Planets of Peril, but I've not had much luck finding anything in the shops I've tried so far.