October 12th, 2008

marcus 2013

Fanfic - Celebrity Victim (Dexter / Superman Returns)

This is an odd idea I've been playing with for ages. I was originally thinking of it as a much longer piece, but I think it works better at this length.

Dexter / Superman Returns crossover. Major spoilers for Dexter S1 and S2. I’ve tried to avoid spoilers for S3, think of it as an AU prelude. I’m British, and have not attempted to change spelling where Britain and America differ, except for the word “Harbor”.

All characters belong to their respective creators, production companies etc., not to me; this story may not be distributed on a profit-making basis.

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League of Nations circa 2115

Is it reasonable to assume that barring catastrophe Weinbaum would have expected the League of Nations would still be around at the time his stories are set, circa 2110-15?

There are very slight hints of a space police service of sorts in The Red Peri; should I think of them as run by the League, or as company police run by the Interplanetary Corporation?

Later Never mind - I just reread the opening of The Red Peri and realised that Weinbaum describes "a blunt little League rocket" coming to the rescue of a ship after it was attacked by pirates, which I think answers both questions - The League of Nations runs the space fleet!
Planets of Peril

The League of Nations again

OK - here's a brief precis of the role of the League of nations, based on some of jordan179's ideas. Sorry to cut it so brutally, but I think a certain amount of vagueness is needed, and this is about all of the space I can spare for it...

The League of Nations

The League, with headquarters in Geneva, is the main forum for resolving disputes between its member states. With the exception of China all of the main power blocs send representatives to the League and for the most part obey its directives and decisions. It’s generally assumed that if any of Earth’s colonies become independent they will also join the League.

As originally constituted the League was virtually toothless, and would have been unable to do anything really effective to defend the peace, but in 1935 Italy invaded Ethiopia, and Britain (perceiving the invasion as a threat to its African colonies) blockaded Italian Somaliland, claiming to be acting in defence of League principles. While this was barely justifiable, it set a precedent which led to the defeat of the German occupation of the Rhineland in 1936; Britain blockaded Germany while France sent a division into the Rhineland and drove out the Germans. Recognizing that this was likely to set the pattern for future wars, the League treaties were amended to legitimize future interventions.

Eventual results included the slow declines of Fascist and Communist dictatorships in the forties and fifties, with every move to expand their territories blocked before it could really begin. Gradually the League expanded its membership and mandate, opposing militarism and promoting civil liberties, and was one of the principal factors in forming the world as we know it today.

The League controls Earth’s space fleet, which currently consists of eight ships provided by various countries. It is used mainly for piracy suppression and rescue operations in the vicinity of the Earth, but patrols occasionally take in Venus, Mars, and the outer worlds.